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Medal Mounting

There are two different ways to mount medals – swing mount or court mount. Court mounting is most popular as your medals will be more secure and less susceptible to damage.

Some other points to note:

  • Our medal mounting includes free cleaning and polishing of your medals.

  • We do not use glue or other permanent adhesives that may damage your medals.

  • We replace used ribbon with new ribbon imported from the United Kingdom.

  • We provide a free quality vinyl wallet to store your medals, with all orders.

Medal Mounting Styles

Court Mounting

Court mounting is necessary for the mounting of serving members’ medals and is also used extensively for medals from all other conflicts, at the discretion of the client. We mount over 80% of our medals in this fashion. They are mounted onto a stiff backing board with a brass bar and are sewn securely in place with clear nylon. The advantage of court mounting is that medals are secured and damage to the medals is reduced.

Swing Mounting

Swing mounting is the older traditional style where medals are mounted onto a brass bar and are free swinging, as shown. Many clients prefer this method as they can relate to seeing their forebears wearing swing mounted medals on ANZAC Day parades. Swing mounted medals are a little more susceptible to becoming damaged with extensive wearing over time.